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Flat roofing as a roofing technique has been used for centuries, particularly in more arid climates where the roof can be used as an additional living space. Although the term ‘flat roof’ suggests a perfectly horizontal surface, there must be a slight angle to the roof in order to allow rainwater to drain away.

Flat roofing tends to be used more often on smaller buildings such as garages and extensions, however, they can also be used on larger buildings such as industrial warehouses. There are several different materials and techniques that can be used to create a flat roof, including:

Torch-on Felt

This technique uses two or three layers of bitumen sheets that, when applied by a gas torch, create a coating on the roof. This is a highly cost-effective method that can be completed using a relatively cheap material. Bitumen also comes in several different grades, meaning that you can increase the quality of the sheets. This will also result in an increase in price.

Torch-on felt has the advantage of being highly malleable which means that it can withstand a high amount of footfall.

EPDM Rubber Roofing

An extremely durable roofing material, EPDM has many advantages over its competitors including its waterproof properties, UV resistance, and is easy to install and cut to size.

Moreover, EPDM rubber roofs have a reputation of being able to last up to, and over, 50 years.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing

GRP fibreglass roofing is perfect for roofs that are not a standard size or shape. They are created using a paint-on solution, which results in more flexibility while installing. GRP fibreglass roofs may be lightweight, however, this does not detract from their durability.

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